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The Quincy Lions Club partnered with Rural Masonic Lodge A.F & A.M of Quincy on Saturday November 12, 2016 to provide free vision screenings for young children. Children were screened by Lions club members at the event, which took place at The Fore River Clubhouse. 

“Since September 2016, over 1200 Quincy Public School Children have received free screenings by school health staff using these specialized screening devices. Out of the 1200 children screened over 200 have been referred for additional treatment from an eye health professional. 

More than 12 million school-age children in the United States have some form of vision problem, yet only one in three have received eye care services before age six. Many vision problems run the risk of becoming permanent if not corrected by age seven, when the eye reaches full maturity. Vision also plays an important role in education. According to educational experts, 80 percent of learning is visual. 

“Early screening leads to early detection, which helps ensure that children get the follow-up care they need,” said Quincy Lions Club Past President, and KidSight Chair David Smith. “We want to make sure that correctible vision problems don’t stand in the way of our children learning and seeing the world clearly.” The partnership between the Lions and The Masons is reflective of both organizations commitment to serving the community of Quincy. 

For information about future screenings or to learn more about the Quincy Lions Club and its service projects, email the club at or visit or The Rural Masonic Lodge A.F &A.M of Quincy at 

The screening event is part of a nationwide initiative called Lions KidSight USA, a national coalition that brings together Lions programs that screen children from 6 months to 6 years of age. KidSight USA was developed by Lions in the U.S. to protect the eye health of America’s children in their early years. Lions in the U.S. currently screen more than 500,000 children per year. Learn more about Lions KidSight USA at

Quincy Lions Sponsors
Quincy Lions Screening

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Greetings fellow Special K Lions,

The Patriots are winning, the leaves are turning and District 33K is busier than ever, it must be Fall in Special K!!

As CST Ivette and I travel around to visit the clubs, we are overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity we experience, but most of all, it is your energy, enthusiasm and passion that absolutely blows us away. I have never seen so much excitement in our District and it is because the Centennial is a booming success and we are attracting new members to join us in service.

North America just had its most successful quarter in 20 years and September and October have continued the wave. In our District, we are steadily rising in new members and we see no sign that the trend will not continue.

Thank you all for your dedication to helping our International President and I meet our goals for the year.  One goal was to induct 40 new women as part of my net 38 increase. That was a yearlong goal. Well, I am going to have to increase that goal, because y'all achieved that goal by last week!

May we achieve that same success with our other big goals for this year:

- Increase Mass Lions Eye Research donations by 10% from last year's numbers;

- 33 for 50 collections that bring in an additional $9000 to LCIF by raising 50 cents per member per meeting for 10 months , or, $5 per member;

- having a positive net 38 increase in membership by June 30, 2017;

- have all of our clubs report their completion of Centennial challenge activities encompassing vision, youth, hunger and the environment

I know we can achieve all of this, and more.

Some key events coming up:

Second advisory Monday November 28 at the Randolph Elks at 6:45 pm

Midwinter registration forms are now available for February 17-19 at the Dedham Hilton, you are not going to want to miss this one folks, trust me.

The Midwinter Ad Book forms are also available. 2nd VDG Deb and RC Peg have the information ready to go.

Please, please, let us know when you are having events so we can plan to attend and make sure that PDG Doreen Martel and 2nd VDG Deb Hayes get the dates and times and places so we can get it on the website calendar and our District Facebook page.

Whew, what a great start Lions. We have accomplished so much but have so much more to do. CST Ivette, 1st VDG Margaret, 2nd VDG Deb and I are just getting started; it’s going to be a great ride. Are you with us?

Yours in Lionism;  DG Andy Porter

District Governor 2016-17

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Because of the number of images in this document, we had to upload via the calendar -- enjoy! Thanks to CST Ivette for providing this. Download and read at your leisure.


On the Road With the Governor

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Fellow Lions,

We have a number of excellent events upcoming and opportunities for you to visit with other Lions Clubs members. Some of them include: 

  • October 22 - District 33K - Halloween Spooktacular
  • October 29 - Hyde Park Lions - Committee to Elect Margaret Menard - Meat Raffle
  • October 29 - Holliston Lions - Haunted Hay Ride
  • October 30 - Blackstone Lions - Drink and Dabble
  • November 6 - Blackstone Lions - Foxwood Bus Trip
  • November 17 - Holliston Lions - Wine & Beer Tasting
  • November 19 - Greater Ashland - Quiz Night
  • November 28 - District 33K - Second Advisory Meeting

Most events listed on the calendar on the 33K Homepage; if informatiis not aailable, reach out to the individual clubs via the Club page of the website which has contact information and websites.

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Celebrate the independence of white canes and guide dogs users and raise public awareness of the White Cane Law!

October 17, 2016
State House, Boston MA
10-Noon-Great Hall of Flags

Show Your Independence!
White Cane & Guide Dog Users 

White Cane

Bring Family, Friends, Orientation & Mobility Specialists, Vision Professionals and Others to raise White Cane Awareness! 
For more information on this Celebration, contact the Orientation and MobilityDepartment at the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind