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Posted By PDG_Doreen

This is from Ashley Bernard.  It is the trailer to the documentary they made on their Sr trip last year.


From the website:

TEACH ME TO SEA is a documentary film that follows the students from Perkins School for the Blind on their senior trip, a cruise to Mexico. Beyond wildly entertaining, this film will be used as a vehicle to start a dialogue about the importance of inclusion of people with disabilities in the greater community as it shatters the pre-conceived notions that individuals with such sensory deficits somehow experience the pleasures of life any less.


Watch this awesome video!

Perkins School for the Blind Senior Trip

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Posted By PDG_Doreen

The GMT says "Hats off to Clubs building their foundations"

As of December, the Belmont Lions Club and the Franklin Lions Club lead District 33K efforts with club growth of three new members.

Medfield and Weymouth are building with two new members.

Framingham, Marlboro, Norfolk, Westwood, Wrentham, Charlestown and the Himilayan Lions Clubs are all PLUS ONE for the year.

Congratulations to the Hull Lions Club for bring in 5 new members.  Medford has brought in 3 new members and New England College of Optometry Lions Club has brought in 10 new members. Great work!!

Each new member strenghthens our Lions Clubs and District 33K.  Remember, DG Tom's goal of all clubs in 33K ending the year at a PLUS 1.

Contact a GMT member to talk about how to build up your club and end the year at at least PLUS 1.

Linda Reynolds, Global Membership Team